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1. Service cloud

01. Marketing Intelligence

Process, analyse and gain insights from thousands of connected devices in real-time

02. Real-time Business Intelligence

Dramatically increase Business efficiency across your business and supply chain.

03. Personalised Interaction

Deliver personalized interactions that are relevant in the customers.

2. Data Processing

01. Data Analytics & Streaming

Our solutions are capable to analyse and blend big data flows from data bank; from any batch or streaming data source.

02. Leverage Machine Learning Support

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03. Greater Control

Easily explore and process complex data at scale, to have greater control over your analytic output

04. Data Visually

An end-to-end big data processing platform− data ingestion, data analytics, machine learning, action triggers, and data visualization

05. Intuitive UI

Offers the ease and power of a visual IDE over a complex mix of big data analytics technologies.