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Buy or Sell under one single roof anywhere and anytime.

Be SMART Connecting Seller and Buyer to Seller’s Unused Stuff Could Become Buyer’s Treasure

Realistic Shopping Interface

Live and realistic photos of commodities to be sold can be uploaded by the seller on the platform. Ultimately, the buyer can easily review the product and buy the respective commodity.

Buyer-Seller Communication

Buyer can easily contact the seller through communication links provided on the platform, thereby enabling two-way communication for buying and selling.

Quality Prospects

A moderated and updated list of a variety of products, specifically focussing on the optimum quality of products being showcased on this platform.

Ease of Use

A user friendly interface to upload seller’s item list and images of items to be sold. The buyers can also easily choose from a variety of products, their specifications, present condition and price.

Secured Buying-Selling Interface

Consumer profile data and banking information is safe and secured at BeSmart platform as it is PCI-DSS compliant.

Product Featuring

This digital platform supports widespread dissemination of product related data and hence allows broad scale featuring of the product.