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FIT INDIA..... Delivering the world, where consumers accolade purity above all.

The retail landscape has much widened with the internet. From standalone retailers to multi-brand companies, they are opening their stores over marketplace platform. Well, internet made it easy. Using this, now it is easy to make your reach in every corner of the world With the augmentation of Internet and its application with online businesses, scope of retail business has widened beyond expectations. The retailers and the corner business hawkers instead of standing along are shaking their hands with multi-brand companies by opening and sharing their business links and are establishing business stores over soft-market platforms.

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Our Pillars

Why To Choose Fit India Locally, Vocally and Globally?

Real-Time Order Tracking

With real-time order tracking, customers can track their orders or products with real-time information. Even on each update customers will get a notification through mail, message and in-app notifications.

Cloud Solutions

Built on the latest technology, with a comprehensive service portal and an extensive set of managed services to simplify transactions to the cloud, which enable to manage your needs energetically and adapt quickly to the changing business requirements.

Payment Modes

Facilitate the customer to pay through multiple payment modes. Your customers can link their credit/debit cards and bank account details to make easy and instant payments. Mobile wallet payment mode will help the customers to pay directly for the products that they intend to purchase.

Auto Calculation

Manage your online store’s discounts, handling fee, and sales tax calculations in your ERP with auto price calculation. You can calculate the price of a single product that would be based on customer’s location, type of product you sell and discounts you provide to the customer.

What We Do

Our Objectives

To make pure, quality products , fitness accessible to everyone.



To provide a platform through coming together of industry experts.



Adopting uncompromising approach to quality and responsible sourcing to built a strong relationship of trust and confidence.



Strong believe in listening & learning , our objective will be to grow and evolve from the conversation.



To care of each customer and partner.



Combining the brand values to continue evolving and improving.


Quality products

To make pure, quality products , fitness accessible to everyone


Nevertheless, our mission has always been to sermonize for and make available pure products with complete satisfaction of each and very customer.

Transparent relationship with Customers and full traceability thereto.

Provide customers with rich quality products disclosing Source.

Purity and natural ingredients are the foundation of our brand. Independent Quality testing and Analysis of each product is done beforehand to ensure purity and natural ingredients.

Easily approachable with regard to the venerable wide-range products of daily use with current price tags.

Decisions are driven by our Brand Pillars, Mission and Values.